AlphaEye: Realtime lens distortion and perspective corrector for HD cameras

The use of small robust HD cameras has become ubiquitous in live sports, providing high broadcast quality output capturing matchplay from unique positions at a low cost that would be either too risky or not cost effective to achieve with higher cost and larger conventional broadcast cameras. Invariably, the advantages of these small cameras are offset by the lens distortion inherent within the optics of such devices.

Overcoming this distortion using technology distanced from the camera to process live image feeds is now possible with the AlphaEye realtime lens distortion and perspective correction unit from Alpha Image. Image quality can now match that of larger, more expensive cameras. Lower budget sports coverage can now get a higher budget look and feel, and higher budget sports coverage can leverage lower costs.

The Malaysian Football League (MFL) is one sports organisation taking advantage of smaller HD cameras to support live production and broadcasting. The league is dedicated to transforming professional football (soccer) within Malaysia by fostering competitive matches, forging strong partnerships with stakeholders, ensuring integrity in team and league management, and boosting commercial growth. The league’s live match broadcasts — brought to streaming services and national broadcast TV stations in partnership with production and broadcast company Ideal LIVE — give the MFL a powerful opportunity to increase fan support for Malaysia’s professional teams and to generate revenue for the league.

Thanks to high-quality correction of the live feed via the AlphaEye, viewers of live MFL matches enjoy a realistic picture of action on the field. The corrected outputs exhibit no visible artefacts, even at HD resolutions. The MFL and Ideal LIVE therefore can bring the excitement of league play to a much broader audience while maintaining a high visual standard rivalling that of broadcasts by larger sports leagues and networks.

We are actively seeking adopters of our technology from users who believe AlphaEye would provide a transformative effect on their live sports coverage. If you think your organisation would benefit from using AlphaEye please reply to me directly, or visit our website for more information at