2wcom’s IP-4c to facilitate audio broadcast applications
The IP-4c four channel audio over IP codec is 2wcom product that offers a multitude of facilities in operation. Many broadcast applications are easily managed:

  • Streaming Encoder: feeding a streaming encoder or transcoding audio signals to adaptive bitrate protocols like HLS for further distribution via CDN.
  • Keeping the independence of all studio sites of a broadcaster’s network: this is possible by supporting AES67, Dante, Wheatnet, Ravenna or Livewire+ and all audio qualities.
  • FM or web radio (Icecast, HLS) to MPEG Transport Stream gateway and transcoder: making the streams available on DVB transport for distribution for cable or satellite.
  • On-demand transcoders can be instantiated when needed: operators can handle alternative audio streams like audio description or different audio streams for social media platforms and radio.
  • Perfect synchronization is achievable by NTP, PTPv2 (Precision Time Protocol) and 1PPS (1 Puls Per Second).

The codec helps to perform pre-configuration of hardware and software for operation, management and control through an easy-to-use web interface and remotely via SNMP, Ember+ or JSON.
The Codec is available as hardware or as server software to be flexibly installed in broadcaster’s system environment.


Contact us on info@cve-italy.com for more information.