The video delivery industry is in a constant state of evolution – towards optimized quality and efficiency, with robust and scalable disaster recovery solutions. This edition is a glimpse of enhancements that are almost ready to deploy, as well as a look at how you can protect your business continuity, no matter what your existing structure.

Media Over IP Trends to Watch – Part II

The transport layer has been standardized and the amount of systems deploying media over IP is growing. We take a look at two more trends that are expected to be huge in 2019 for delivering compressed video over IP and how this could be done more securely.
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Webinar: Media Over IP with Ease and Efficiency

All-IP workflows have been conquering market share over the last few years. Join the discussion with our panel of experts, as they explore new technologies for plug and play devices to make media over IP even simpler.
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Webinar: ATSC 3.0 Hybrid Services, Experiments for Broadcast

The latest broadcast standard, ATSC 3.0 is officially in the testing phase. Join Harmonic and Weigel experts to learn about the principles of ATSC 3.0 hybrid services, along with advancements in the trial with Chicago 3.0.
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Discover Your Video Disaster Recovery Options

Creating a disaster recovery plan to ensure service continuity is crucial. This article takes a look at some of the options for developing your plan and making sure that you are covered – no matter what the situation.
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